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Supporter Scheme

Throughout Scotland, the success of thousands of businesses depends upon the activities of those who live and work on the land, either providing the goods and services they require, or taking on their produce to downstream markets. Such businesses are underpinned by the efforts, care and commitment of generations of people who have worked on the land.

Our Supporter Scheme offers organisations and businesses levels through which they can support the charity according to their size and generosity. There is also an Individual category for people to demonstrate their support.

In return we are delighted to promote Corporate and Business Supporters on our website roll of honour and to provide means by which customers and visitors to business premises can see the support that is being given to their community. Click here to view a full list of supporter benefits.

We have attracted support from large well known companies like Bank of Scotland, organisations such as the Borders Machinery Ring as well as working farm businesses, both large and small. All corporate support is much valued and very important to us in tackling hardship among people who have depended on the land. In addition, our growing list of Individual Supporters is of great value and importance to RSABI.

We hope that businesses will not only be willing to support RSABI to help those in need, but also be proud to be seen to be doing so.



Want to bring your company on board, or support us an an individual?

For further details of the scheme, download our Supporter Scheme leaflet,

or click on the categories below.


Corporate Roll of Honour

We are delighted to list our existing Corporate and Business Supporters and to provide additional details of our businesses, including contact information.

Please click on the tabs above to view those supporting us at Corporate, Business and Individual levels.

Alternatively, click here to view the latest A4 printable summary version of all corporate and business supporters 


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