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Stress Awareness Month - some tips for coping with stress

Stress Awareness Month - some tips for coping with stress

28 April 2022

As part of Stress Awareness Month, our Welfare Officer Chris McVey shares how RSABI can help if you're feeling under pressure and gives some tips to coping with stress.

Spring can be a stressful time for everyone involved in agriculture, with the pressure of workload and the unpredictability of the weather.

When you are working long hours, it is tempting to cut corners and if you are not eating and sleeping properly, your physical and mental wellbeing can start to suffer and that’s when you can start to feel out of control. 

We know the farmers and crofters who contact us are concerned about the challenges facing agriculture, as well as more general worries about cost-of-living increases. 

If you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed, please don’t hesitate to contact RSABI. Our team are here to listen and can help take some of the pressure off.  

We can help in a huge number of ways and our support is always professional, always friendly, and always confidential. 

When someone comes to us feeling stressed or anxious, the reasons behind the way they are feeling range from financial worries and business issues to a breakdown in a relationship, or a combination of factors.  

We can help you move forward by offering practical support which could include helping you to access mediation, a business review or debt advice. 

You may also be eligible for financial support that you are entitled to, but not aware of, and we’ve seen a significant increase in demand for our help for heating support in particular this year.  

We can also help you to access counselling and this can be arranged quickly with many people finding these sessions invaluable in helping them move forward. 

It really is okay to not be okay – and there is lots of help and support out there. Talking about how you’re feeling is so important – whether that’s talking to your GP, friends and family, or a support service like RSABI. 

For some people just being able to talk openly to someone impartial and non-judgemental can make all the difference.  

Here are our five top tips for coping with stress during this busy time of year: 

  • Talk to someone – whether it’s a friend, family member, or a support organisation like RSABI it’s so important to talk. Getting things off your chest and not keeping everything to yourself can help you put things into perspective and give you fresh ideas to tackle problems. 
  • Plan ahead – make lists and break things down into manageable chunks that you can tick off as you go. 
  • Accept that you can’t control everything – instead focus on the things you can control. 
  • Take some time away – this is always difficult in farming, but it’s important for personal as well as business reasons. Even taking a small break will help decrease stress and make you more productive when you do get back to work.
  • Don’t ignore the importance of a good sleep – getting rest helps your wellbeing and gives your body and mind time to recharge. Without a good sleep it can impair your ability to concentrate and think clearly which leads to poor decision making and increase the risk of accidents.

Don’t hesitate to call RSABI if you’re feeling stressed or overwhelmed. Our helpline – 0808 1234 555 (freephone) – is open every day of the year. You can also get in touch by emailing  

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