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Give RSABI a call if you're worried about someone to see how you can help

Give RSABI a call if you're worried about someone to see how you can help

08 June 2021

During this week of our #KeepTalking campaign we’re encouraging everyone to look out for each other.

If we ask someone how they are, many people will automatically reply saying they’re fine – even if they’re not feeling great or things are going badly.

If you ask a second time, “how are you really?”, you may get a very different response.

Opening up and talking is such an important step in moving forward and getting the support that's needed. As well as encouraging people to talk to friends and family members, you can also encourage them to contact their GP and support services like RSABI.

Quite often people contact us concerned about a friend, family member or neighbour. They may be worried someone is withdrawn, losing interest in things or seeming stressed.

If you’re worried about someone give us a call on 0300 111 4166 to see how you can help.

We’d encourage you to ask them to give us a call. We can’t call the person directly without permission – but we can talk you through how to get this if that’s an option.

The following resources have information to help you if you’re worried about someone:

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