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When does pressure become stress?

When does pressure become stress?

08 April 2021

This is a busy time of year for farmers and crofters, with lambing, calving and sowing all underway. It can be a pressured period, with people working long hours and getting less sleep than normal.

Not all pressure is bad. It can motivate and invigorate. Unhealthy stress, however, can cause issues. Being able to recognise when pressure becomes stress and using the information to get help sooner can literally save a life. And talking about your situation is a step to finding solutions.

How can we know when pressure becomes stress? It may be worth asking ourselves some questions…effectively your pressure gauge:

  • Does this pressure make me feel motivated...or overwhelmed?
  • Is the pressure affecting other areas of my life e.g. relationships, sleep, diet, health?
  • If and when I get through this pressure, will I feel a sense of achievement...or relief?
  • Can I see a clearly defined end to, or break from, this pressure?

If this pressure is now feeling stressful there may be ways to mitigate it. Talk to us, talk to your family or friends, talk to someone, prioritise and delegate. If these are not options and the pressure isn’t subsiding you should consider change. Things don’t need to stay the same. It may be easier said than done but there are organisations to help – like RSABI for all people involved in Scottish agriculture.

RSABI is a service that is there for you, the agricultural industry’s support service. In the past few years we have seen a significant shift away from our traditional financial support to emotional and practical support.  99% of our clients require emotional and practical support to help them move forward. 

People looking for help from RSABI often present with stress and getting the opportunity to talk to someone that’s not related, not judgemental and happy to listen can make a big difference.  We help you talk through your worries and can support you with professional counselling sessions too and business reviews to look at options for you and your business to move forward. All journeys start with a first step…take yours today. Call RSABI on 0300 111 4166.



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