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Farming Facts and Fake News

Farming Facts and Fake News

Price: £12

In addition to containing essential information on all aspects of Scottish rural life, this volume, compiled by John and Andrew Arbuckle, contains many totally irrelevant, but entertaining, facts about farming, farmers and those who live in the countryside.

Where else would you find such a range of knowledge from the most influential people in the industry sitting alongside alternative uses for welly boots?

With more than 120 lists to enjoy, there is something for everyone with little pieces of history sitting alongside futuristic predictions.


The author: Andrew Arbuckle was born and brought up on a family farm in North Fife later taking over the tenancy of the unit from his father.  The farm specialised in growing seed potatoes and malting barley with cash crops of sugar beet and strawberries.  On giving up the tenancy, he moved into full time journalism working as agricultural editor with the Courier in Dundee. A spell as a Member of the Scottish Parliament followed before once again picking up his pen and writing about the agricultural industry he loves. 

Over 150 pages, including colourful cartoons. Copies of the book are available from RSABI, priced £10 plus £2 p&p.  


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